While Loop

Loops are used to execute a code block many times.



A loop can be used to print all numbers in certain range. Like from 1 to 10


At line 4 the condition of the loop is set. Since num is less than 10 the loop executes.

In order to print the numbers to 10, num increases by 1 at line 6.

The loop ends when num reaches value of 11.

Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop has a condition that's always true.

It can be created due to development mistake or used in advanced algorithm.

Here are examples:


Since num is never changed, the condition $num < 5 is always true and the loop executes infinitely (or until the program takes more ram than it is allowed).

In order to end the loop num needs to be incremented (like $num++) inside the loop's body.


Since the condition at line 4 is always true, the loop keeps on repeating.