Static Members

Static functions and properties are declared in the class body but don't need created instances for their usage.

Static Properties

Static properties store value about the class. The value is specific for the class.

Static properties are declared via the keyword static.

The syntax for declaring static member:

The syntax for setting value to static member is:

Here's an example:



  • When an object is created via the parametrized constructor (lines 6 - 14), then the static member value is incremented (due to line 13).
  • At line 20 an initial value is set to the static member.
  • When the static member is printed for the first time (line 22), it's value is zero.
  • After objects were created via the parametrized constructor, it's value has reached 3 - the count of the created objects.

Static Functions

Static functions cannot use non-static class member though declared in class.

They are defined via the keyword static.

Syntax for defining:

Syntax for calling:

Here's an example: